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Clean master is an outstanding solution in order to clean as well as maintain your Android device, an app that is efficient as well as simple as well as free to use.  If you are android devices is running very low on the space, then clean master creates is very simply to identify what is hogging your device storage as well as assist you obtain rid of those issues.  When you launch the clean master, then you will obtain few graphs displaying you are used as well as unused space on your android devices onboard storage plus SD card however, most of the actions will occur in the history part of the application.   Do you have a question in your mind that why you should prefer clean master for you android device? If yes, then here is the proper answer which makes you understand clearly why to use clean master on the device. The clean master is effective as well as simple. Behind a comprehensive cleaning, MBs even though GB’s space will be released for your mobile phone. No super user permission is essential.

clean master pc features

 Unique features of Clean Master

The Clean Master provides you unique as well as attractive features in order to maintain your mobile devices spotlessly.

Here are the 08 Best Features of Clean Master App

  • Boost Memory

Analyzes the applications which are running as well as permits you to select which one you would like to terminate.  Which means, you can free up the RAM memory plus speed up the performance of your entire devices.  It also permits you to make a widget clean your device along with just one click.

  • Antivirus

It analyzes the system for vulnerabilities as well as malware. Obviously, the scanning process is very speeding as well as the last statement displays the history of analysis.   You will also be capable of using Privacysub-menu, enables you to delete sensitive data like call logs, SMS messages, browser’s history and so on.

  • App Manager

It also recognizes the application installed on your smart android mobile device, as well as enables you to eliminate app which you are not using on your device.  In addition, it also consists of functions to erase those temporary APK files which construct up if you download externally from Google Play.

  • Junk Files

The clean master also discovers as well as erases temporary files, eliminates the system caches as well as fixes commonly whatever utilizing space on your android devices. Analysis is also consisted the recognition of outdated APKs.

  • AppLock

With an aid of this clean master app you can lock your app such as Facebook, Contacts, and SMS, Gallery or some other applications, you select.

  • Battery saver

It assists you to analyze battery status as well as hibernate currently running apps in order to save power. Along aid of the battery saver, you can also terminate apps which waste lots of power as well as extend your battery life in a single click.

  • iSwipe

Furthermore, iSwipe offers you fast access to some other apps as well as tools without having to obtain back to your home screen page.

  • CPU cooler

The cool rotten your mobile device by discovering as well as terminating the apps which are causing it to overheat as well as create your battery for a long lasting period of time.

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Functional design of Clean Master

Starts from the main screen, you can also access a common overview of the status of the device as well as simply obtain the right to use the 4 major program field such as memory boost, Junk files, App manager as well as Antivirus.  The clean master interface is very simple to make use of as well as has the latest design function on it.  The advance, as well as new version of clean master, consists of improved optimizing speed while cleaning as well as scanning junk files of the storage overview shows. In addition, an optimizer will detects same app as well as eliminate them.  The clean master is an indispensable app for your smart android device. In fact, it is very simple to use, well-suitable as well as practical for each sort of users. Furthermore, it is perfect to make sure the maximum effectiveness of your mobile device. Hence, all of us need to have this amazing app to protect our Android device.

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How to Use Clean Master App? – Windows/Mac/Android/Iphone/WindowsPhone/BlackBerry

Our Smartphone is full of Apps, pictures, videos, old files and many other contents that do not even look anymore. All these old and unwanted files would make the Smartphone to decrease its performance in the excellent manner. The Unwanted residual files and cache do not allow the Smartphone RAM to decrease its performance in boasting the speed. One of the ultimate solution for deleting the unwanted and unnoticeable unwanted files is the use of Clean Master App. The Clean Master become so popular application for Smartphone cleaning with the most impressive 4.5 star rating average based on 31 million reviews. Clean Master application is the comprehensive App that allows the user to clean the residual files and run the Smartphone with the increased speed.


How to download Clean Master App?

Clean Master App is free to download in the Google Play Store so that you can easily install the files with faster download option when compared to other site. Clean Master App is encompassed with many different kinds of applications that includes Junk File Cleaning, Memory Boost , CPU Cooler , Antivirus , App Manager , Applock, Battery Saver, Iswipe, Game Booster, Autostart Manager and many more features. Clean Master is compatible with vast Android devices so that it would be easier for all the Android users to download and use this top App in the most excellent manner.

->Visit Google Play Store

->Type Clean Master in the search box

->Select Clean Master App from the list

->Install the Clean Master

->Accept the user permissions

->Installation procedures made

->Run the app

->Backup the Clean Master App

->Open the application

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Downloading and installing the Clean Master App is completely free in the Play Store so that it can be installed in all the Android Smartphone.

Removing unwanted files:

After installation of the Clean Master App on your Smartphone, you would see the storage settings of the device that includes the RAM, ROM and SDcard storage. Normally, there many different kinds of Apps runs in the background for various reasons and creates the residual files. For deleting these residual files or cache:

  • Open Clean Master
  • Click the Junk Files in Clean Master home screen
  • Review the Scan Summary
  • Click “Clean” after scanning completed
  • Junk files are deleted

Delete cache and residual files is useful for reclaiming the storage and boost the speed of the device.

Memory Boost:

Clean Master helps you to boost your games and Apps with freeing more memory (RAM) to speed up your device with saving more battery.

  • Tap the ‘Memory Boost’ option
  • Clean the Memory, after scanning
  • Phone boosts with freebie

CPU Cooler:

Normally, our Smartphone gets heated up when the Apps for used for long time so it is necessary to give appropriate rest for the device. Alternate option is that Cool off your device with the smart Clean Master with stopping all the Apps that causes overheating and making your battery last longer.

  • Open Clean Master
  • Click Phone boost
  • Select the ‘Cool Down’ option
  • Shows the cool down temperature

Managing Applications:

Remove those apps that you are using rarely so that it would increase the speed of the device in the ultimate manner.

  • Go to ‘App Manager’ category
  • Check for the selected apps to uninstall
  • Hit ‘Uninstall’ button

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Clean Master offers the AppLock that is helpful for locking the preferred Facebook, SMS, Contacts, Gallery as well as many other Apps for locking. You can only photos you protect through appropriate password. Guard your privacy with the ultimate AppLock

Move applications to SD card:

Some of Apps in Smartphone might be install on the phone storage thus making your phone too slow. To Move the apps to SD card and save your valuable phone storage.

  • Go to ‘App Manager’
  • Check the preferred apps you like to move.
  • Select ‘Move’


Clean Master offers the most advantageous Antivirus option for detecting and eliminating the Malware, Virus, Trojans and many more in the Smartphone.

  • Click ‘Antivirus’ icon
  • Scan for files
  • Cloud scanning enabled
  • Delete unwanted Malware, Virus and Trojans

Clean Master for PC Laptop Download | Windows (7/8.1/10) & Mac OS

Clean master for PC : Most of the people face lots of issues with their slow laptop or PC, so they are seeking for the best solution. There are several ways available to increase the speed of your PC, but few of them makes your task much simpler. If you like to know about the specialized tool, you can carefully watch the guide properly. While speaking about Clean Master, it is one of the most outstanding and specialized tools that not only clean your PC, but aslo optimize it by purging the invalid, obsolete registry entries, temporary files and other unwanted junk files from your laptop or PC. The effective cleaning tool includes superior technology which permit you to clean your PC with single click. The latest and highly advanced security app includes lots of incredible and brillaing features which make it as thw world’s best andleading cleaner. The  clean master is a security and optimizer app used for both computes and Android smartphones. It improves and protect the performance of your PC or laptop by deleting all junk files or folders, optimizing system memory and gives overall security againg malware and virus.

Utilize The Best Emulator Tool

The clean master app was introduced by the leading company. Now, the official version of Clean Master is available for your PC download, so you can utilize this excellent opportunity as son as possible. Most of the people do not like to install the 3rd party software’s, so they are seeking for the perfect alternative. Emulators are the perfect alternative which helps you to download as well as install the clean master app for your PC or Laptop. It is important to check the features and benefits, before downloading the Clean Master. Thee are the most useful details that helps you to use the cleaning tool without any difficulties.  If you do not have enough idea regarding the clean master, you can visit the official website. The most reliable and stunning platform not only provide you some useful details, but also allows you to know about the key features of clean master. By visiting the trusted medium, you can also learn the simple procedures to download and install this app for your PC or Laptop on Windows 10, 7, 8, Mac Os, Xp.

Clean Master for PC Laptop Download | Windows (7/8.1/10) & Mac OS :


Key Features of Clean Master App for PC

There are lots of cleaning tools available now, so you can carefully choose the right one as per your individual requirements. In order to narrow down your searches, the reliable online website comes with stirking details about the Clean Master app. The original details not only save time, but also allows you to download and use the best cleaning tool on their Laptop or PC.  The clean master app gains huge amount of popularity among PC and Laptop users because of its unbelievable cleaning results. The clean master tool is previously available for tablets and mobiles alone. But to give best anti-virus and security softwares, the leading compared also released the clean master tool for PC.  The most effective  tool provides overall protection and security top your Laptop by cleaning all unwanted junk items therefore optimize your PC performance.  The app manager tool manages each and every app saved on your PC as well as you can add new one with the hand-picked favorites or clean master. If you want to know more interesting information regarding the clean master, you can watch these guidelines properly. Here are the major features of Clean Master as follow:

  • The clean masters located all unwanted junk items in your Laptop and eliminates them in order to improve the storage capacity.
  • It can optimize your PC with latest optimizing techniques established in the clean master
  • This cleaning tool provides overall security or protection against malware functions and viruses
  • Clean master is redesigned properly to make this simpler to operate, by using a single click user can easily scan and clean the entire PC
  • Newly included latest security function properly protects your PC from trojas, spyware, adware, vulnerabilities and viruses
  • This cleaning tool is free, so you can utilize it without any hesitation.

Downlaod Clean Master on Windows XP, 10, 7, 8 and Mac Os

If you want to utilize the anti-virus software or tool on your Laptop, you can download an official clean master tool. You can easily get the clean master tool from many software providing online websites for entirely free, but some of them fail to give original application. In order to avoid the inappropriate one, you can visit the official website which makes your downloading task much simpler.  The clean master tool is not obtainable for your Mac OS systems, you can utilize the 360 total security  app as a substitute to this cleaner.

how to download and install clean master for pc

How to download and Install Clean Master for PC or Laptop with Bluestacks

Android emulator plays a vital role in installing and downloading the android apps on your Laptop or PC. There are extensive ranges of emulator tools available online, but few of them gains more recognition among people because of its reliability. While considering Bluestacks Android Emulator, it is one of the highly preferred tool which helps you to install the clean master easily. It is important to download and install Bluestacks emulator on your PC or Laptop, before installing clean master tool.

Now you need to install Bluestacks for which you need to download the official Bluestacks version by using the official link here.

  • Once you have installed the bluestacks on your PC, you can open it properly
  • You can click on the search icon in the android tab
  • Now, you can type as Clean Master in the search box as well as click on the Search Play option for valid clean master
  • The page will be successfully redirected to the Google Play store inside the Bluestacks.
  • You can click on the clean master tool to install
  • Click the install button and wait for some time to finish the installation process
  • After completing the installation procedure, you can navigate to the Bluestakcs homepage and click on every app. After that, you can easily sacn your windows 7, Xp, Laptop or PC.

If you face difficulties while installing the clean master app with bluestacks emulator, you can utilize the best alternative method.

Install the clean master app on PC with clean master Apk

In this technique, you can just download the clean master apk folder as well as install it with bluestacks app. After that, you can effectively download the apk file from the reliable online website.

Download Clean Master Apk


Once you successfully downloaded, you can find the apk install button and install the tool. These are the simple steps that helps you to install the clean master tool on your PC or Laptop in an easier manner. If you are following these procedures properly, you can easily download as well as install clean master tool on your Laptop or PC quickly. The successful installation procedure helps you to scan and clean your Laptop in an outstanding manner. The effective cleaning results not only increase the storage space of your system, but also allows you to enjoy a quick performance. If you want to get the finest cleaning results, you can download and use the Clean Master app on your PC or Laptop.


That is all you have to do to download and install Clean Master for windows computers and you can speed up your laptop oro pc.

I hope you like the information on downloading and installation of  Clean Master for pc windows perfectly. In case if you face any problems following this process please just do comment box below. All the queries will be resolved immediately.


Clean Master Download For Android

Clean Master for Android: Clean Master is one of the World’s Most Trusted Application that is used by 600 Million users. Do you feel your Smartphone is lagging in speed and RAM becomes slower when more applications are used? Clean Master offers you the best solution for cleaning all the junk files and keeping your Smartphone Real time Protection. Clean Master uses the Number One Antivirus Engine that is helpful for cleaning the unwanted memories in the phone and secures the Private Data. Clean Master App allows us to have many different functions that includes


  • Junk File Cleaning
  • Memory Boost
  • CPU Cooler
  • Antivirus
  • App Manager
  • Applock
  • Battery Saver
  • Iswipe
  • Game Booster
  • Autostart Manager

When you are encountering these problems such as Smartphone becomes Laggy and freezes, no enough space for taking pictures or installing Apps, battery drained frequently, device overheats or locking your photos, messages and gallery. Choosing the Clean Master is the perfect solution for solving all these problems in the Smartphone and making it efficiently work with speed.

  • Junk File Cleaning: Normally, App Junks are created automatically when the application is used and they help in improving the performance of the Apps. However after the use of application, the junk files do not gets removed thus forming the unwanted cache and residual files. Cleaning all these Junk Files with the Clean Master might be a good option for boosting the speed of the device, reclaim storage as well as improving performance of the device.
  • Memory Boost: Clean Master App abundantly useful for boosting the App and games freeing more memory space in the RAM. Within a single tap, it is possible to clean the unwanted memory and optimize from the homescreen.
  • Antivirus: Clean Master offers the professional quality antivirus service that has the efficiency to scan the device within 8 seconds. Clean Master is 500% faster when compared to paid antivirus apps. Keep your privacy safe with the scrubbing personal info of the device. The Clean Master ultimately scans for viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, spyware as well as adware.
  • Applock: If you like to Lock any App in your Smartphone to attain full privacy, then choosing Clean Master might be the best option. Customize the Clean Master AppLock to lock Facebook, SMS, Gallery, Contacts or any other Apps that your prefer. Guarding the privacy App completely with high security is enabled.
  • CPU Cooler: Clean Master have the CPU Cooler options that helps your device to cool off and it is quite useful for stopping the unwanted background App. The CPU Cooler helps the device to avoid overheating as well as used for making the battery saver.
  • App Manager: Uninstall unwanted Apps from your Smartphone and back up important Apps with its data for future use.
  • Game Booster: Clean Master improves your game speed automatically upto 30% when the games are launched.

How To Download Clean Master For Android:

Clean Master is an All in One Application that enables your Smartphone to attain most improved speed to the maximum. Downloading and installing the Clean Master App is quite easier in the Smartphone through the Google Play Store. Accessing the Clean Master from Google Play Store is quite easier for downloading and installing the software. Follow the instructions to Download Clean Master for Android:


  • Access the Google Play Store from your Smartphone
  • Type ‘Clean Master’ in the search bar
  • Click the ‘Clean Master’ link in the search result
  • View the compatibility for your device
  • Press the ‘Install’ button
  • Accept the user permissions
  • Start the installation process
  • After installation, open the ‘Clean Master’
  • Select ‘Junk Files’ scan
  • Clean the Junk Files

download clean master android app

Internet connectivity is most important for downloading the Clean Master from Google Play Store. Size of the file varies with device so that it would be quite easier for increasing the cleaning efficiency. See what is new in the updated version of the Clean Master. Cool down your phone easily with using the ultimate application for cleaning purposes.

Clean Master For iPhone Download – Best APK Alternatives

Clean Master is a highly advanced and all-in-one cleaning tool used to remove to remove unused files, search history, uninstalling apps and residual files. With this cleaning app, you can easily kill the running tasks as well as release huge RAM space in order to boost the performance of your iPhone.

How To Download Clean Master For iPhone

download clean master for iPhone

The specially designed cleaning app not only provides you some useful benefits, but also helps you to save your phone battery life.  The world’s highly trusted speed booster, Anti-virus app, Battery Saver, Android Optimizer, Clean Master app helps clean up and Accelerate above six hundred million phones. Along with this, the outstanding cleaning app provides you real-time protection or security with #1 Antivirus Engine. The highly effective app also comes with AppLock Function to protect all your private data effectively. Now, people want to buy and use the advanced handsets, like iPhone in order to enhance their lifestyle. Mobile phones are the essential devices that help you to keep it touch with friends, loved ones and more. Apart from that, iPhone also allows you to store lots of useful information about your business, studies, project, etc.

Need For Using Best Cleaning App

If you want to protect the data, you can maintain your iPhone properly. The huge amount of data reduces the performance and speed of your mobile, so you can utilize the effective cleaning app. The clean master is an effective application that not only increases the performance of your iPhone, but also protects your mobile data from unwanted malware or viruses. Here are the common problems encounters by iPhone users as follows:

  • Your iPhone has become freezes every time
  • You fail to have sufficient space to install apps or take more images
  • Your phone battery has started draining faster than ever
  • Your iPhone overheats as well as needs to immediately cool down
  • You like to lock the gallery, messages and photos from nosy friends and prying eyes.

Features Of Clean Master for iPhone

Clean Master is one of the most outstanding and effective cleaning application that includes lots of specialized features in order to eliminate the issues created by your slow iPhone. The clean master tool includes lots of exceptional features including:

  • Battery Saver

This feature helps you to analyze the battery status as well as stop your running apps in order to save the power.

  • AppLock

It is a major highlight of clean master that helps you to lock SMS, gallery, Facebook, contacts and other apps.

  • Junk file cleaning

The Clean master app includes some specialized features in order to clean the junk files efficiently in order to boost speed, improve performance and reclaim the storage of your iPhone.

  • iSwipe

The iSwipe is a special feature which provides you fast access to other tools and apps without visiting the home screen of your iPhone.

  • Memory boost

You can boost your apps and games, increase RAM space, save more battery and speed up the iPhone.

  • Antivirus

The quality and extraordinary antivirus has the capability to scan your device in simply 8 seconds. You can scan the ihone, user-installed and pre-installed apps in order to keep your iPhone safe from vulnerabilities, spyware, adware and viruses.

  • App manager

You can uninstall the unwanted apps as well as back up all important files with this effective cleaning tool.

  • Game Booster

Clean master improves the game speed of your iPhone automatically.

These are the major features of clean master which encourage iPhone users to install this app on their device. There are different techniques available to download and install the clean master tool, but the Clean Master Apk makes the task much simpler.

Download Clean Master for iPhone

How to Download Clean Master Application for iPhone

Click the link below which we are providing will Download Clean Master to your phone.

  • You can visit the official website and search for the Apk file
  • Once you find the APK file, you can download it on your iPhone
  • Then, You need to open the file, run it and wait for few moments.
  • Install will be begin on your Phone
  • After installing the Clean master APK on your iPhone, you can start to enjoy the incredible functionality of cleaning tool
  • That’s it , you are done almost.

The simple-to-understand and follow steps helps you to download as well as install the Clean Master on iPhone with APK file. The proper installation process helps you to enjoy all the benefits of this cleaning tool for free.


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