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Clean Master for Android: Clean Master is one of the World’s Most Trusted Application that is used by 600 Million users. Do you feel your Smartphone is lagging in speed and RAM becomes slower when more applications are used? Clean Master offers you the best solution for cleaning all the junk files and keeping your Smartphone Real time Protection. Clean Master uses the Number One Antivirus Engine that is helpful for cleaning the unwanted memories in the phone and secures the Private Data. Clean Master App allows us to have many different functions that includes


  • Junk File Cleaning
  • Memory Boost
  • CPU Cooler
  • Antivirus
  • App Manager
  • Applock
  • Battery Saver
  • Iswipe
  • Game Booster
  • Autostart Manager

When you are encountering these problems such as Smartphone becomes Laggy and freezes, no enough space for taking pictures or installing Apps, battery drained frequently, device overheats or locking your photos, messages and gallery. Choosing the Clean Master is the perfect solution for solving all these problems in the Smartphone and making it efficiently work with speed.

  • Junk File Cleaning: Normally, App Junks are created automatically when the application is used and they help in improving the performance of the Apps. However after the use of application, the junk files do not gets removed thus forming the unwanted cache and residual files. Cleaning all these Junk Files with the Clean Master might be a good option for boosting the speed of the device, reclaim storage as well as improving performance of the device.
  • Memory Boost: Clean Master App abundantly useful for boosting the App and games freeing more memory space in the RAM. Within a single tap, it is possible to clean the unwanted memory and optimize from the homescreen.
  • Antivirus: Clean Master offers the professional quality antivirus service that has the efficiency to scan the device within 8 seconds. Clean Master is 500% faster when compared to paid antivirus apps. Keep your privacy safe with the scrubbing personal info of the device. The Clean Master ultimately scans for viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, spyware as well as adware.
  • Applock: If you like to Lock any App in your Smartphone to attain full privacy, then choosing Clean Master might be the best option. Customize the Clean Master AppLock to lock Facebook, SMS, Gallery, Contacts or any other Apps that your prefer. Guarding the privacy App completely with high security is enabled.
  • CPU Cooler: Clean Master have the CPU Cooler options that helps your device to cool off and it is quite useful for stopping the unwanted background App. The CPU Cooler helps the device to avoid overheating as well as used for making the battery saver.
  • App Manager: Uninstall unwanted Apps from your Smartphone and back up important Apps with its data for future use.
  • Game Booster: Clean Master improves your game speed automatically upto 30% when the games are launched.

How To Download Clean Master For Android:

Clean Master is an All in One Application that enables your Smartphone to attain most improved speed to the maximum. Downloading and installing the Clean Master App is quite easier in the Smartphone through the Google Play Store. Accessing the Clean Master from Google Play Store is quite easier for downloading and installing the software. Follow the instructions to Download Clean Master for Android:


  • Access the Google Play Store from your Smartphone
  • Type ‘Clean Master’ in the search bar
  • Click the ‘Clean Master’ link in the search result
  • View the compatibility for your device
  • Press the ‘Install’ button
  • Accept the user permissions
  • Start the installation process
  • After installation, open the ‘Clean Master’
  • Select ‘Junk Files’ scan
  • Clean the Junk Files

download clean master android app

Internet connectivity is most important for downloading the Clean Master from Google Play Store. Size of the file varies with device so that it would be quite easier for increasing the cleaning efficiency. See what is new in the updated version of the Clean Master. Cool down your phone easily with using the ultimate application for cleaning purposes.

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