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Our Smartphone is full of Apps, pictures, videos, old files and many other contents that do not even look anymore. All these old and unwanted files would make the Smartphone to decrease its performance in the excellent manner. The Unwanted residual files and cache do not allow the Smartphone RAM to decrease its performance in boasting the speed. One of the ultimate solution for deleting the unwanted and unnoticeable unwanted files is the use of Clean Master App. The Clean Master become so popular application for Smartphone cleaning with the most impressive 4.5 star rating average based on 31 million reviews. Clean Master application is the comprehensive App that allows the user to clean the residual files and run the Smartphone with the increased speed.


How to download Clean Master App?

Clean Master App is free to download in the Google Play Store so that you can easily install the files with faster download option when compared to other site. Clean Master App is encompassed with many different kinds of applications that includes Junk File Cleaning, Memory Boost , CPU Cooler , Antivirus , App Manager , Applock, Battery Saver, Iswipe, Game Booster, Autostart Manager and many more features. Clean Master is compatible with vast Android devices so that it would be easier for all the Android users to download and use this top App in the most excellent manner.

->Visit Google Play Store

->Type Clean Master in the search box

->Select Clean Master App from the list

->Install the Clean Master

->Accept the user permissions

->Installation procedures made

->Run the app

->Backup the Clean Master App

->Open the application

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Downloading and installing the Clean Master App is completely free in the Play Store so that it can be installed in all the Android Smartphone.

Removing unwanted files:

After installation of the Clean Master App on your Smartphone, you would see the storage settings of the device that includes the RAM, ROM and SDcard storage. Normally, there many different kinds of Apps runs in the background for various reasons and creates the residual files. For deleting these residual files or cache:

  • Open Clean Master
  • Click the Junk Files in Clean Master home screen
  • Review the Scan Summary
  • Click “Clean” after scanning completed
  • Junk files are deleted

Delete cache and residual files is useful for reclaiming the storage and boost the speed of the device.

Memory Boost:

Clean Master helps you to boost your games and Apps with freeing more memory (RAM) to speed up your device with saving more battery.

  • Tap the ‘Memory Boost’ option
  • Clean the Memory, after scanning
  • Phone boosts with freebie

CPU Cooler:

Normally, our Smartphone gets heated up when the Apps for used for long time so it is necessary to give appropriate rest for the device. Alternate option is that Cool off your device with the smart Clean Master with stopping all the Apps that causes overheating and making your battery last longer.

  • Open Clean Master
  • Click Phone boost
  • Select the ‘Cool Down’ option
  • Shows the cool down temperature

Managing Applications:

Remove those apps that you are using rarely so that it would increase the speed of the device in the ultimate manner.

  • Go to ‘App Manager’ category
  • Check for the selected apps to uninstall
  • Hit ‘Uninstall’ button

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Clean Master offers the AppLock that is helpful for locking the preferred Facebook, SMS, Contacts, Gallery as well as many other Apps for locking. You can only photos you protect through appropriate password. Guard your privacy with the ultimate AppLock

Move applications to SD card:

Some of Apps in Smartphone might be install on the phone storage thus making your phone too slow. To Move the apps to SD card and save your valuable phone storage.

  • Go to ‘App Manager’
  • Check the preferred apps you like to move.
  • Select ‘Move’


Clean Master offers the most advantageous Antivirus option for detecting and eliminating the Malware, Virus, Trojans and many more in the Smartphone.

  • Click ‘Antivirus’ icon
  • Scan for files
  • Cloud scanning enabled
  • Delete unwanted Malware, Virus and Trojans
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